Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use the clinic?
Employees (Salt Lake City Corporation and Utah Retirement Systems) and their covered family members who are enrolled in a PEHP medical plan.
Can retirees use the clinic?
Retirees and their covered family members under age 65 who are enrolled in a PEHP medical plan may use the clinic. Retirees enrolled in Medicare Part A and or B cannot use the clinic.
Do my labs drawn at the clinic count toward my deductible?
All non-preventive labs drawn in the clinic that are sent out count toward your deductible and are at a discounted price.
Is the clinic able to obtain the results of my blood work from my previous provider?
Yes. You may complete a release of medical information form, and the clinic will coordinate the transfer of your medical records.
Does the clinic have onsite radiology services?
No. Patients needing radiology testing will be referred to an in-network provider.
Can we still go to our current doctor?
Yes. However, the cost of your care will be more expensive.
What other insurance providers are accepted at the clinic?
The clinic can bill most secondary insurances.
Are walk-in appointments accepted?
YES. Walk-in appointments are accepted. Patients are encouraged to call ahead of time whenever possible.
How do I schedule an appointment?
There are three convenient ways to schedule an appointment:
  1. Call the clinic at 801-320-5660.
  2. Electronically schedule
  3. Mobile phone app. Download the Healow app from your phone's app store, and log in using your patient portal credentials. Enter practice code JFEFCA to gain access to OnSite Care's scheduling.